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Vermont Policy Statement

State of Vermont Department of Corrections

The Following Policy:

  1. Inmate requisition to make an outside purchase must have adequate funds available in their personal account at the time of the request. Credit and layaway purchases are not permitted.

  2. Any returns shall be at the inmates expense. If we made an error with your shipment, return postage will be prepaid or refunded to the customer.

  3. Facility Superintendent’s may approve the purchase of items not available through commissary from an approved outside vendor. Items available through commissary cannot be purchased through an outside vendor.

  4. Family & friends are not restricted from making orders as long as the above is complied with.

  5. Merchandise must meet VT DOC specifications and price guidelines as specified in Inmate Allowable Property Matrix dated 2-6-17

    a. Footwear

    i. Boots: No steel toes, 8” or less from bottom of the heel to the top of the boot; 1” or less heel thickness

    ii. Shoes or Sneakers: Closed toe, 6” or less from bottom of the heel to top of the shoe; 1” or less heel thickness

    iii. Shower Shoe: Indoor use only

    b. Clothing:

    i. Socks: 5 pair dress or gym any combination; standard crew or calf length

    ii. Shorts: No tight fitting; no cut –offs or altered, no less than 6” inseam; no invisible pocket or reversible shorts; no open fly boxer style.

    iii. Sweat Clothes: Top: standard long sleeve pullover; crew or v-neck. Bottom: standard drawstring/elastic waist; elastic or open ankle, no jogging suit, no logos, no pockets.

    iv. Hat/Cap: One winter, One summer

    v. Underwear; Boxer or Brief. No G-String, Thong or Transparent fabric

    vi. Long Underwear: Standard two-piece set, top and bottom. No one piece.

    vii. Undershirt/T-Shirt: Standard; short sleeve, plain white, crew or v-neck.
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