New York Policy Statement

Description: The following policy was established by the Department of Corrections concerning packages and articles sent to facilities and received through the “Package Room.” (Document Number #4911 last revision February 24, 2006)


a) The commissioner may, at his discretion, suspend all or any portion of this directive at any or all facilities.
b) An inmate may receive a package through the mail from anyone who is not on a negative correspondence list.
c) All packages will be opened and inspected prior to the inmate being called to the package room.
d) Articles not permitted will be returned at the expense of the addressee or otherwise disposed.
e) Articles are only for personal use and will not cause inmate to exceed personal property limit.
f ) Packages will be stored up to 14 days if inmate is absent.
g) During transfer, inmate must indicate if they would pay for postage to forward packages within 14 days of transfer, otherwise package will be returned to sender.

Merchandise must meet all DOC specifications and price guidelines as specified and set forth in attachment d-5 item ”E. Clothing” in directive #4911. If an item is in question, please check with your property manager or security prior to ordering.

No hollow or platform heels or soles. No camouflage design. No metal shanks/supports or toes. No pointed toes, spiked heels, pockets, compartments, clog-type or pump (air-inflation) footwear. No metal/stone or clip on decoration. Maximum height of heels: males 2”; female 3”. Measured boot height from bottom of heel. Size must be within 1 size of that being worn by inmate.

a) Baseball/soccer shoes: any color but blue; non-removable rubber cleats only, 3/8” max.
b) Boots: any color but blue; total height 8”
c) Rubber galoshes, overshoes: any color; total height 10”
d) Sandals: any color but blue; must be secured to the foot (i.e. use ankle strap)
e) Shoes: any color but blue
f) Shower Shoe: any color
g) Slippers: any color but blue
h) Sneakers: any color combination but blue